• New owners rely on old funding solution

    When a current staffing agency client in Florida sold their business, they recommended Millennium to the new owners. The company was already onboarded, so the transition was easy. The new owners were excited about our same-day funding, our high advance rates and credit and collection assistance. Millennium was able to provide a $1,250,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility to keep business operating smoothly during and following the acquisition.

  • Quick funding: Just what the doctor ordered

    Without a credit history, traditional bank financing was not an option for this start-up medical staffing firm in Georgia, but they needed working capital to fund payroll. A colleague told them about Millennium’s reputation for quick funding, a simple process and hands-on business knowledge that helps solve client challenges. They called on us and we provided a $1,500,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility so they could help meet the medical community’s needs.

  • Growing pains eliminated

    A Tennessee staffing company was growing quickly, but they were self-funding and customers were taking too long to pay invoices. They knew they could be doing more business if only they had better cash flow and immediate funding for payroll. With a quick and simple process, Millennium provided a $50,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility to bridge the gap between invoice and payment. Now the company is making exciting plans for further development.

  • Fast funding keeps food company on the go

    This New York-based food service company purchased one of Millennium’s clients and decided to stay with us for funding. We arranged a $50,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility for them and they now have access to steady cash flow to purchase inventory and meet operating expenses for their many endeavors, including food trucks and kiosks.

  • Taking on Business Challenges

    An interstate trucking company based in Idaho came to Millennium due to IRS issues. Because we have experience as business owners and operators, we understand the challenges they faced and were able to help resolve the IRS issues. As soon as the tax issues were taken care of, we quickly provided a $1,800,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility to get them in the fast lane to future growth.