• Helping start-ups take off

    An experienced staffing company owner started a new staffing company based in Georgia. As a new business, he couldn’t afford to wait 90 days for customers to pay invoices. Millennium provided quick access to steady cash flow through a $50,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility so he could meet payroll and other expenses – another business successfully launched!

  • Bridging the cash flow gap for staffing companies

    This New Jersey-based startup staffing company knew they needed to shorten the time between invoicing clients and receiving payments. At Millennium, we understand the pressure growing staffing companies face to meet an increasing payroll every week. We quickly provided a $50,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility to help them meet payroll, as well as a full back office solution including invoicing, credit and receivables management, payroll and related tax processing.

  • Finding a dose of affordable financing

    A healthcare consulting firm based in New Jersey that provides experienced IT resources to healthcare organizations was obtaining financing through Merchant Cash Advance firms. But they were quickly becoming too expensive. They turned to Millennium for an affordable solution that would still provide flexible, convenient working capital. We provided a $75,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility at great rates for future growth, setting them up for long-term success.

  • Opportunities seized with fast funding

    A staffing agency in New Jersey was self-funded but knew they were missing out on opportunities because they didn’t have enough cash on hand. Millennium Funding provided a $1,000,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility to give them steady access to working capital to meet payroll, take on more workers, and capitalize on new opportunities that came their way. With a simple process and fast onboarding, they were quickly hiring and growing

  • Quick funding: Just what the doctor ordered

    Without a credit history, traditional bank financing was not an option for this start-up medical staffing firm in Georgia, but they needed working capital to fund payroll. A colleague told them about Millennium’s reputation for quick funding, a simple process and hands-on business knowledge that helps solve client challenges. They called on us and we provided a $1,500,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility so they could help meet the medical community’s needs.