• Keep us in your contacts list

    You never know when you might need us. The owner of a North Dakota oil field supply company had worked with Millennium in the past when he was with another company. When his current company ran into a cash flow crunch he knew exactly who to call. Based on their strong accounts receivable, we were able to provide a $75,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility and get them the working capital they needed. They have since signed two new contracts and business is booming.

  • Repeat clients make our day

    When a former client purchased a staffing firm, the decision of where to go for flexible working capital was an easy one. Millennium quickly provided a $22,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility so they could quickly ramp up operations and position the firm for success.

  • Helping start-ups take off

    An experienced staffing company owner started a new staffing company based in Georgia. As a new business, he couldn’t afford to wait 90 days for customers to pay invoices. Millennium provided quick access to steady cash flow through a $50,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility so he could meet payroll and other expenses – another business successfully launched!

  • Flexible working capital for staffing companies

    This fairly young staffing company in Saskatchewan, Canada needed a flexible funding solution to take their business to the next level. Using our deep experience helping staffing companies succeed, Millennium structured a $400,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility that provided quick access to a steady source of flexible working capital.

  • Oilfield staffing gets an injection of fast funding

    A staffing company in North Dakota that specializes in providing skilled oilfield workers for the fracking industry was riding a wave of extreme growth. They needed an infusion of working capital to hire more skilled employees and take advantage of growth opportunities. Millennium provided the company with a $750,000 Accounts Receivable Funding facility and business has never been better.