• Need cash for weekly payroll, daily fuel, monthly fuel tax and insurance?
  • Need assistance with professional collections when your customer is slow to pay?
  • Need credit checks on new customers to assure you’re not hauling goods for free because of poor credit?
  • Want relief of mind to know you can meet your financial obligations in case the check isn’t in the mail?
  • Are you ready to add a truck or buy another trailer to grow your business?

Millennium Funding can assist you!

Our transportation funding services include:

  • Freight bill funding within 24 hours to your bank account or to your fuel card program.
  • Credit checks on your new customers.
  • Professional account executive mailing invoices and managing collections.
  • Online reports with 24 hour access.

With transportation funding, you can receive up to 95% advance on freight bills with competitive discount rates.

For more information, please fill out our on-site contact form or call us at 888-652-8298.