Reliable, timely funding to meet payroll and support growth.

Staffing companies face a unique dilemma: you need to pay your workforce weekly, yet you often must wait up to 90 days for your customers to pay you. That results in a cash flow crunch. When traditional bank financing is not an option, our Payroll Funding option can help because we rely on the creditworthiness of your customers, not the financial strength of your company. We finance your payroll so you can hire more employees, take on more business and bid for bigger contracts.

We work with general staffing agencies as well as those serving a particular industry such as the healthcare, information technology or manufacturing segments.

Funding Product

Payroll Funding – get all the details.

What are the benefits of Payroll Funding?

  • Flexible, convenient working capital
  • Often same day funding once onboarded
  • 80-95% Cash advance on your invoices
  • Simple process and easy setup
  • Payroll and talent management software designed specifically for staffing
  • No liability on your balance sheet
  • Credit and collection assistance
  • 24/7 secure online reporting
  • Optional back office support

What back-office services do we provide?

For clients looking to outsource administrative responsibility, we also offer services and software designed especially for staffing companies to save time and hassle, including:

  • Invoicing
  • Credit and receivables management
  • Payroll and related tax processing
  • Industry-leading software featuring robust talent management tools and simplified payroll processing including employee and client access

Why Millennium?

  • Our focus on the staffing industry.
  • We make funding as easy as possible with a streamlined process.
  • You’ll have a dedicated account executive to assist you with all facets of your funding program and available to answer all your questions.
  • We share our expertise that helps you succeed now and in the long run – when you work with us, you get a long-term relationship, not just a transaction.