Government Contracting

Build strong government contracts with steady access to cash flow.

Government contracts can be a dream of steady work and expanding into new markets – or a nightmare of overdue receivables while your business stagnates. There’s often a steep lag between providing products or services and getting paid, and payment is often made based on the size of the government agency, their own sense of urgency, and even shutdowns and elections. Some projects require large outlays before you get paid, which can drain your resources and leave you with no working capital for other projects.

We can help you fill that cash flow gap, which enables you to grow your business and bid competitively for federal, state, provincial or municipal government contracts. Businesses with the ability to extend credit terms often win the best contracts. We offer a full suite of funding solutions and a steady and reliable source of flexible capital. We work with a wide range of government suppliers, including service businesses, as well as apparel, janitorial, security, hard goods, manufacturing, staffing, and IT services companies.

Funding Product

Government Contract Funding – get all the details.

This encompasses:

  • A/R Funding – Fills the cash flow gap between the sale of a product or service and customer payment.
  • P.O. Funding – Incremental working capital for inventory when you have orders in hand.
  • Inventory Purchasing Assistance (IPA) – Immediate funding for the goods and materials you need.

What are the benefits for prime and subcontractors?

Prime Contractors:

  • Expand your sourcing options – our funding program allows you to choose from a wider range of subcontractors, which will lower costs for your firm.
  • Confidently select subcontractors based on their ability to perform, not on your ability to pay them.
  • Reduce delays caused by unexpected financing issues.
  • Take trade discounts.


  • Let your performance – not financial limitations – dictate control over your success.
  • Expand your business opportunities by allowing you to take on larger projects.
  • Take greater advantage of your small, women/minority-owned, and/or disadvantaged business status.
  • Strengthen your balance sheet while improving your cash flow.

Why Millennium?

  • Our focus on the government contracting industry.
  • We make funding as easy as possible with a streamlined process.
  • You’ll have a dedicated account executive to assist you with all facets of your funding program and available to answer all your questions.
  • We have deep experience financing government receivables and understand the challenges. We share our expertise that helps you succeed now and in the long run – when you work with us, you get a long-term relationship, not just a transaction.