Industries Served

We help a wide range of companies convert trapped capital into working capital.

Millennium Funding has deep expertise in a broad range of industries that helps you quickly access cash to fuel your business, then help you make informed decisions on how to maximize it.


Automotive Dealers

We help independent and wholesale dealers access working capital to purchase inventory, make dealer-to-dealer purchases, acquire bulk inventory or fund operating expenses with a line of credit through Automotive Floorplan Finance.

Business Services

We help all kinds of B2B companies selling services such as IT, printing, business consulting and training with accelerated cash flow for growth and opportunity instead of waiting 30-60-90 days for clients to pay.

Disaster Recovery

We help wildfire suppression, reforestation and other companies respond to state and federal disaster recovery contracts with a fast infusion of working capital in order to hire and deploy hundreds of highly skilled workers.

Government Contracting

We help businesses bid on and fulfill state, federal, provincial or municipal government contracts with a steady and reliable source of flexible capital so they can meet expenses while taking on larger projects and expanding sourcing options.


We help manufacturers purchase inventory, fund operations and meet payroll by freeing cash tied up in accounts receivable, inventory and other assets, giving them access to maximum funding and an improved cash conversion cycle.

Oilfield Services

We help oilfield services companies produce, explore and service the oil and gas industry, taking advantage of new opportunities with access to working capital tied up in receivables.

Real Estate

We help investors and property owners fuel their business plan, acquire and rehab new properties, renovate existing properties, clear up other high cost debts and more with flexible, non-bank financing that delivers quick access to funds.


We help staffing companies fund payroll, take on bigger opportunities and grow with access to reliable, timely financing that eliminates the cash flow crunch. We also help streamline administration with an optional full back office solution, including industry-leading software.


We help trucking and other transportation businesses take on bigger contracts, take advantage of new opportunities and fund operating expenses such as fuel, taxes and insurance with fast access to funds tied up in receivables.

Wholesale Distribution

We help distributors take on new customers, strengthen their supplier relationships, grow their business and keep product moving with accelerated cash flow.