Vendor Quick Pay

There is a fundamental disconnect between most companies and their vendors.

Once a vendor delivers their goods and/or services, they would like to be paid as quickly as possible. Conversely, most accounts payable officers like to wait as long as they can before paying invoices received from their vendors.

To remedy this situation, most vendors offer a discount for prompt payment. Unfortunately, for both very few companies take advantage of the discount offer do to the lack of available working capital.

Vendor Quick Pay Provides

  • Immediate Working Capital for creditworthy companies for the purchase of inventory or unprocessed material from their suppliers.
  • Unsecured Financing without making any changes to existing banking relationship, working capital loan, operating lines of credit.
  • Cost Effective, Flexible up to 90 day repayment terms for the purchase of inventory or unprocessed material

    How It Works:

    Step 1

    Millennium Funding acquires inventory or unprocessed material from the Supplier/Vendor on behalf of your company.

    Step 2

    Millennium Funding immediately resells inventory or unprocessed material to your company and issues an invoice to your company.

    Step 3

    Your company pays Millennium Funding the invoice amount plus a small Vendor Quick Pay Fee based on the length of time the invoice (accounts receivable) is outstanding.

    For more information on the Vendor Quick Pay Program, please contact us by phone at 888.652.8298