Real Estate Secured Loans

Working capital to buy, sell or fix property.

Whether you’re an investor (buy it, fix it, sell it) or a property owner, you know there can be significant equity trapped in residential real estate. That equity is really stored energy that you could use to fuel your business plan, acquire and rehab new properties, renovate existing properties, clear up other high cost debts and more. Millennium Funding can release that energy on a fast track basis with flexible, non-bank financing that delivers quick access to funds. Whether a single-family home, multi-family apartment building, or flip property, we give you the capital you need to enhance property values, complete construction, upgrade quality, meet operating expenses and more.

Based on the value of your residential real estate, this funding gives investors and owners greater flexibility than a bank loan, and is typically no longer than two to three years in length.

How it works

Designed for those who own and/or buy and invest in real estate projects, this provides financing based on the value of your real estate, not the capital strength of your business or your personal credit.


  • Access to equity you may have tied up in residential property
  • Acquisition and rehab funding for flips or fix-and-holds
  • Faster funding than traditional bank loans
  • Programs available for borrowers with income or credit limitations
  • Loan term up to two years with the option to extend
  • All types of residential property considered


Q. What are Real Estate Secured loans?

A. Often referred to as private money, hard money, or bridge financing, these short-term loans offer greater flexibility than traditional bank financing. They are designed specifically for residential real estate transactions that don’t fit within the rigid structure of most financial institutions. We work with borrowers who may not currently qualify for conventional financing due to income limitations, credit issues or property conditions. Our short-term funding can be used as a bridge until your project is eligible for conventional financing or sold.

Q. What kinds of property do you lend against?

A. Properties can include any type of residential property: single-family home, multi-family apartment buildings, multi-unit apartment buildings, or flip properties.

Q. What are the general requirements?

A. Significant equity in already-owned real estate, or capital to contribute to an acquisition of new real estate, is required.

Q. How long does it take to get approved?

A. A typical approval takes around 24 hours. Once we have the required information (ex. property address, information about existing debt, credit report and personal financials from borrower) we’re able to make a quick determination if it’s a project we’d be willing to fund.

Q. What size loans are available?

A. $25,000 to $2,500,000.

Q. Do you work with start-ups?

A. Yes. We consider multiple factors (experience of borrower, value of property, credit worthiness of borrower, existing equity, etc.) when evaluating a loan opportunity.

Q. What initial documents do you need?

A. To get started, we typically request the property address, information about existing equity and/or debt, and personal financial statements from borrower.

Q. Do I have to sign a personal guarantee?

A. Sometimes. The strength of the borrower and project itself will dictate whether a personal guarantee is required.