Purchase Order Funding

Grow faster and take on bigger clients.

The faster you grow, the more cash you need to fund payroll, inventory purchases and other operating expenses. Purchase Order (P.O.) Funding can help you take advantage of opportunities you might have to pass up if you do not have steady working capital. By financing inventory purchases related to specific purchase orders, Millennium Funding helps you capitalize on that potential. In addition, P.O. Funding ensures payment to your suppliers and enforces prompt delivery dates.

Any business that faces cash flow challenges created by seasonality, rapid growth, undercapitalization, outpacing your bank lines, or restructuring issues can use P.O. Funding to:

  • Fill single or multiple orders for your customers
  • Open up global trade
  • Pay your suppliers for finished goods shipping to the United States
  • Fund critical business needs

How it works

You forward us your purchase orders, we post a bank letter of credit or advance money directly to your suppliers so you can purchase the inventory you need to fill your orders. When the product is delivered and you invoice your customer for goods delivered, the transaction continues as a traditional Accounts Receivable Funding solution.


  • Flexible, convenient working capital
  • Simple process and easy setup
  • Amount of financing depends on strength of the purchase order
  • Turns opportunities into profit
  • Available to start-ups and new companies
  • Strengthen vendor relationships
  • Helps you manage rapid growth


Q. What is P.O. funding?

A. . It’s a short-term financing tool that helps you fill orders for pre-sold finished goods from creditworthy customers when you don’t have the working capital you need to purchase inventory. In addition, Letters of Credit or payment guarantees ensure payment to your company’s suppliers and enforce prompt delivery dates.

Q. How does it help?

A. It bridges the gap between making a sale and receiving payment, and assures your suppliers you can pay for the goods you order.

Q. Will you advance the funds to clients?

A. No, funds or payment assurance are issued directly to your supplier.

Q. Will you pay multiple suppliers?

A. Yes, within reason.

Q. Will you fund an entire project or only a portion?

A. In some cases, we will cover up to 100% of your supplier costs.

Q. Will you fund start-ups?

A. In many situations, yes. Decisions are made on a case by case basis.

Q. What initial documents do you need?

A. A completed application, copy of your Purchase Order, agreement between buyer and seller (where applicable), proforma invoice to buyer, supplier’s invoice to you, accounts receivable aging and accounts payable aging, and business financial statements.

Q. What is the difference between P.O. Funding and A/R Funding?

A. The easiest way to think about it is that Accounts Receivable Funding is used after goods and services have been delivered and when a company needs to accelerate access to the funds. P.O. Funding is used before goods or services are delivered to the buyer, to fund the production, acquisition and delivery of pre-sold goods.