Purchase Order Funding

Grow Faster and Take on Bigger Clients with Purchase Order Funding

Managing rapid growth can be tough, especially on your cash flow. The faster you grow the more money you need to support payroll, equipment, materials and other expenses. And without adequate financing, you may lose out on valuable opportunities.

How Does Purchase Order Funding Work?

Purchase order funding is a solution that allows your business to turn opportunities you may not be able to take on alone into profit. This funding solution provides you with immediate access to working capital by financing inventory purchases and the completion of services related to specific purchase orders.

Purchase order funding can be used:

  • To fill single or multiple orders for your customers
  • For finished goods being imported from overseas
  • To pay your suppliers for finished goods shipping to the United States

What is Millennium Funding’s Purchase Order Funding Process?

  • Complete your application
  • Receive approval
  • Funding is available within 24 to 48 hours
  • Millennium Funding then pays your supplier to fulfill orders for your customers
  • We can also provide you with letters of credit, ensuring payment to your company’s suppliers

Is Purchase Order Funding Right for You?

If you’re experiencing one of the following scenarios, purchase order funding may be the most effective solution.

  • Your company is growing rapidly, outpacing your working capital and/or bank lines
  • Your company is seeing a dramatic and sudden sales growth that puts an immediate strain on cash flow
  • Your company is finding it harder and harder to maintain the working capital needed for critical issues, such as payroll, equipment purchases and marketing

For more information on purchase order funding and how Millennium Funding can help your business, please call us at 888-652-8298 or fill out our on-site form.