Automotive Floorplan Finance

Funding to fill your lot.

Whether you’re an independent or wholesale automobile dealer, you need working capital to fuel your business, acquire more pre-owned automobiles, pay operating expenses and more. Millennium Funding can assist with flexible, cost-effective Automotive Floorplan Financing. We work with dealers throughout Western New York, giving you easy access to decision-makers and to your titles stored locally at our Williamsville office.

How it works


  • Perfect for large and small dealers
  • No restrictions on year, make or model of automobiles
  • Stock your lot with the best used cars and trucks customers want
  • Competitively priced financing with flexible terms
  • No hidden charges such as lot checks, outside buy, or cash payoff fees
  • Easy access to your titles housed locally at our Williamsville office
  • Outstanding and personal service


Q. What is Automotive Floorplan Finance?

A. It’s a line of credit dealers can draw from to purchase trade-ins, make dealer-to-dealer purchases, or acquire bulk inventory from online and physical auctions. The line of credit can also be used to unlock value in owned automobile inventory.

Q. Who do you work with?

A. Independent and wholesale dealers throughout Western New York. This keeps documentation local and easily accessed as your inventory sells.

Q. Are there restrictions on the vehicles?

A. You have the freedom to stock your lot with the automobiles your customers want, with no restrictions on year, make or model. However, commercial vehicles, RVs, and personal watercraft do require prior approval.

Q. How else can this help my business?

A. Access to cash flow promotes sound inventory management and turn time.

Q. What initial documents do you need?

A. We’ll have you complete a credit application allowing us to run your credit report. Once done, we’ll let you know anything else we need to see.