Funding Solutions

No matter where your working capital is trapped, we can quickly release it.

Look around your business – chances are you have working capital locked in your accounts receivable, inventory, and other assets. That tied up capital is really stored energy that can fuel more business. Millennium Funding offers a wide range of flexible funding products that can release that energy – fast – so you can grow and take on new opportunities.

We turn the assets you already have into working capital, giving you greater ability to manage your cash flow and use it where you see fit:

Accounts Receivable Funding

Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Government Contract Funding

Supply Chain Finance Solutions

Specialty Finance 

Quick Access & Great Rates

When you contact us, you’re on the phone with an owner within 24 hours, discussing options and offering solutions to help your business access the cash you need now. We’ll review all your funding options, where they fit in your business lifecycle, and the advantages of each. Then we’ll help you make an educated choice from our array of funding solutions at competitive rates. Once onboarded, you can often access funding on the same day.

Simple Process

  1. Apply by sending us some quick information.
  2. We’ll send you a Term Sheet within 24-48 hours for you review and accept.
  3. You access Funding, usually within 24 hours of setup.