About Us

Tap into our expertise

Millennium Funding is a group of well-capitalized finance experts and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Company finance leaders are tasked with strategically managing accounts receivable, inventory and other assets to ensure the business has just the right amount of cash on hand. We formed Millennium Funding not just to offer smart funding solutions, but to help you manage working capital more efficiently, enhance your liquidity and take your business to the next stage.

Liquidity experts

For young or growing companies or those going through a transition, bank financing is often unavailable and raising equity isn’t possible. We help business owners, management teams and financial leaders analyze company operations through the cash conversion cycle to understand where more cash is needed, where cash is tied up in operations or assets, and where excess cash can be freed up to fuel your business.

Owner to owner

That’s what sets us apart. Our principals have owned and operated businesses and know the pressure of managing and optimizing cash flow. At Millennium, you’re dealing with a like-minded business owner who understands the issues you face, can respond quickly, and can be flexible. We do not have a rigid committee making financing decisions, or make decisions based on an algorithm. We are big thinkers who offer solutions when others can’t. We’re approachable, personable and great listeners so we can offer the funding solutions that are best for your business. The result: quick access to the capital you need, when you need it.

Not your ordinary lender

Since 1996, we have provided a wide range of innovative capital solutions – a total of $10 billion in funding – along with expertise that helps you succeed now and in the long run. When you work with us, you have access to a team of senior-level people who help your business in many ways beyond funding. We offer expert guidance and shared insights that help you make the best possible decisions and help your business be more efficient. To us, this is a long-term relationship, not just a transaction. So, go ahead and plan your takeoff strategy. We will be right next to you in the passenger seat, navigating you toward success.

Real business, real stories, real success

Take a look at some of our clients’ stories see how our personal touch, understanding of their business opportunities and challenges, and a full suite of funding solutions helped them succeed.